Maximize Your Return On Data

Get real-time intelligence for predictive insights & raw volume of customers.

We’re a Different Kind of Digital Agency.

More Insights. More customers.

Our LFX Platform delivers real-time intelligence for predictive insights & raw volume of customers.

30% Average Returns

Our LFX platform consistently returns 30% (or greater!) for our clients.

Predictive People for the Predictive World

Meet a team of people wired to make new connections & new conversions.

The Leapfrog LFX Conversion Platform

Get real-time intelligence for predictive insights & a raw volume of new customers.

The LEAPFROG LFX PLATFORM gives you a clear view of your marketing performance.

Leap. Adapt. Thrive. And grow in the precise direction of your next customer.



In short, we crunch the bias out of your digital marketing decisions.

Our people make it easy and a ton of fun, to put more money back in your pocket.

The LFX Platform consistently delivers 30% improvements (and greater!) in digital marketing performance.

Just ask our leading national clients in telecommunications, healthcare and education.

Our Process


Leap to Analyze

Our teams help you CONNECT all your data dots & VISUALIZE your performance patterns for real-time marketing intelligence.


Adapt to Predict

Crunch the bias out of your digital marketing with custom, flexible tools that CORRELATE precise data points & PREDICT new opportunities for growth.


Grow to Optimize

Our adaptive LFX Platform is purpose-built to meet your highly-refined needs with growth strategies that VALIDATE our predictions and CONVERT more customers than ever.

Our Clients

See what our clients already know:

“Leapfrog is a key strategic partner for us, constantly pushing us forward with innovative digital solutions and a consistent focus on incremental sales & consumer needs.”

Head of eCommerce & Digital Marketing


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It’s a simple formula: Our People + Our Platform = Real Growth.

Our LFX Conversion Platform is built to consistently deliver a higher volume of new customers in the digital space. See what our clients already know: We make it easy to maximize your Return On Data with predictive capabilities and real-time marketing intelligence no one else has.

Gain more insights & more customers.


Our People and Our Careers

”You won’t find another group of people that is more committed to growth, success and relationship building than you will at Leapfrog.”

We’re Predictive People for the Predictive World.

Take one step inside Leapfrog and you’ll find we’re predictive people, living & working in a modern, 
digital world. For 20 years, we’ve helped digital marketers leap their competition with real business results.

Our people make it easy and a ton of fun, to connect all your data points for more customer conversions.

Our next prediction? You’ll want to learn more.