As a Chief Marketing Officer, you always expect more, especially when so much is changing around you faster than ever before. So why aren’t more agencies partnering with you in the risk and the rewards of growing your business?

At Leapfrog Online, our business model is driven by the risks and rewards that define a true partnership. We’re paid based on the new revenue we produce for our clients, be it in the form of customers or sales.

Ask our clients about our approach and they’ll tell you we’re as much an agency as we are an investment partner. Why? Because we continuously invest our own dollars and resources in opportunities we believe will grow our clients’ business. By aligning our compensation to the actual value of the sales and customers we deliver for our clients, we’re fully accountable to a clearly defined and measurable outcome together. Most importantly, it’s an outcome that truly matters not just to the marketing team, but to the business overall.

Because ROI is guaranteed with our partnership, we help our clients make the right investment decisions based solely on growing their profitability, not on managing costs or budgets. With Leapfrog Online, ROI is never a question; it’s the only model that works for both of us.