Calendar of Events

April 9-17, 2014 - PyCon 2014, Montreal, Quebec

February 11-13, 2013 - Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit, San Francisco, CA

January 29, 2014 - 2014 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum, Los Angeles, CA

January 22-24, 2014 - CMO Exchange 2014, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

January 16, 2014 - 2014 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum, New York, NY

June 26, 2013 – Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference

Jason Wadler, EVP at Leapfrog Online been selected to co-facilitate a roundtable at the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference June 26 in Atlanta, GA. Jason will discuss how smart brands are capturing market share by using mobile technologies.

March 15, 2013 - PyCon US 2013, Santa Clara, CA

December 5 - Argyle CMO Forum, Dallas, TX

November 8 - Argyle CMO Forum, Boston, MA

November 7 - Digital Collective, New York, NY

November 6 - CMO Collective, New York, NY

October 23-25 - Digiday Agency Summit – Is Pay-for-Performance a Mirage? Palm Beach, FL

Every agency claims it wants to be paid for results. Theoretically, digital data makes it easier than ever to prove value. And yet the industry has not shifted in this direction in a big way, instead relying on the time-worn fee-for-service model. In this session, two industry executives debate whether a pay-for-performance model is realistic and what needs to change to make it happen. Jason Wadler, EVP at Leapfrog Online will make his case for why Leapfrog Online has embraced true pay-for-performance.

October 2 - OMMA Response, New York, NY

At this Advertising Week event, Leapfrog Online EVP Jason Wadler and Nielsen’s Eric Ferguson, Director of Digital Client Services, will talk about the power of mobile to nurture prospects and build databases. “Customer Acquisition and Relationship-Building in A Mobile Age” will give attendees a perspective on the latest trends and success stories in the mobile arena.

September 16 - Evanston MashUp in Chicago, IL

The Evanston Chamber of Commerce announces the winner of the annual Burger War cook off. This year Leapfrog Online helped the Chamber create a compelling mobile and desktop voting experience for the event. Cast your vote here.

September 12 - MMA Webinar – Mobile Marketing at Work: How a Well-Executed Campaign Helped Grow Mobile Sales

Cass Baker will lead a discussion on how across the Leapfrog Online client portfolio, leading brands are integrating mobile as a strategic revenue tool in the marketing mix.  He will address how Leapfrog Online is creating focused experiences that reflect evolving consumer behavior in mobile and tablets and how the company has demonstrated a tangible ability to drive dramatic revenue growth for leading brands.

Specifically, Baker will address how Leapfrog Online helped to grow mobile sales from 0 to 10% of Total Digital Sales for Time Warner Cable in 3 months, why mobile and tablets have quickly become a rising star in the Time Warner Cable’s digital portfolio, and what’s differentiating TWC’s mobile campaign as a true innovator in the field.

Driven by new technologies and increased device consumption, spending on mobile marketing continues to see unprecedented growth.  Baker will share insights around consumer-centric engagement, strategies and tactics. Click here to register.

June 26/27 – Franchise Consumer Marketing Forum

On June 26 & 27 in San Francisco, Leapfrog Online will serve as roundtable leaders for the 2012 Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference. The conference is all about engaging customers, building loyalty, and growing franchises with two days of strategies, tools and insights. We’re excited to share our digital expertise in the City by the Bay.

JUNE 26 – TechWeek Presentation

On Tuesday, June 26, Leapfrog Online EVP Cass Baker and SVP Joel Grossman will be closing out Techweek 2012 with an in-depth discussion of how data is changing modern marketing agencies. We believe in proving marketing value with hard metrics, and the rise of data and analytics in marketing initiatives allows marketers to prove—or disprove—how their efforts are directly impacting revenue.

JUNE 23 – TechWeek Hiring Fair

The Techweek Hiring Fair aims to put great people with great tech companies, and we pride ourselves on our staff. We’re always looking to add talented, innovative leaders to our team, and we’re excited to meet future results-oriented employees this year at Techweek.

JUNE 21 – Moxie Awards

We were thrilled to present at the first annual Moxie Awards, celebrating the best of Chicago’s digital innovators and entrepreneurs. We presented the award for Breakthrough Digital Company of the Year, which went to GrubHub. Leapfrog Online is excited to continue helping build a stronger tech and start-up community here in Chicago.

JUNE 17 – Race Against Hate

Over 25 Leapfrog Online employees ran, walked, and volunteered at this year’s Race Against Hate in Evanston. A memorial to former Northwestern Basketball coach Ricky Byrdsong, who was killed in a hate crime in 1999, the race saw thousands of people unite yet again this year to turn a tragic event into a story of community pride and hope for the future.

JUNE 14/15 – Hackathon: Day of Innovation

From June 14 at noon to June 15 at noon, we held our first Hackathon. The event was a great time and also proved how necessary every person in an organization really is. Over 75 employees participated, and we’re excited to implement all 14 team projects that they developed over the 24-hour Hackathon. See our blog post here.

JUNE 12 – MMA Forum

Leapfrog Online EVP Cass Baker and Time Warner VP/GM Rob Roy once again joined forces to discuss mobile success, this time in New York for the MMA Forum. Their panel, “Mobile Marketing at Work,” focused on how our partnership with TWC helped develop mobile strategy and incredible mobile success. They also discussed how to find success in cutting-edge technology—it takes innovation to differentiate.

JUNE 11 – MMA Advisory Board

We are honored to have our own VP of Media, Helene Rosenblum, appointed to the MMA Advisory Board. The board is a special advisory committee that contributes valuable mobile insights and helps determine mobile’s impact. The board’s goal is to create a preliminary mobile value model, and we’re excited to be a part of shaping mobile ideology.

JUNE 7 – Hangout on Air

Hosted by Google’s Head of Global Mobile Search Sales and Strategy, Google’s Hangout on Air was a great opportunity to talk about our success in mobile innovation. Leapfrog Online’s EVP Cass Baker joined Time Warner Cable’s VP and GM Rob Roy to discuss how we grew TWC’s mobile revenue from 0 percent to 10 percent of all digital sales in just 3 months. Click here to check out the video.

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This week I had the privilege to speak at the Digiday Agency Summit, along with the incredibly smart and enlightened Glenn Engler, CEO of DIG. We spoke about the shift occurring in the marketing industry around measurement, accountability and, ultimately, performance-based compensation. Digital marketing has largely changed the way businesses and consumers interact today; unfortunately [...] Continue Reading


Last week at Advertising Week in New York City Leapfrog Online EVP Jason Wadler and Eric Ferguson, Director of Digital Client Services at Nielsen, led a discussion during OMMA Response titled “Customer Acquisition and Relationship-Building in a Mobile Age.” Besides having the honor of presenting to fellow practitioners alongside Eric Ferguson, this event was a [...] Continue Reading


From July 15-17, Leapfrog Online’s EVP Cass Baker and VP of Media Helene Rosenblum attended the Mobile Marketing Association’s second annual MMA Mobile CEO and CMO Summit, which focused on “Deconstructing Mobile.” The event featured 200 invite-only mobile leaders who were gathered to discuss the mobile ecosystem, elucidate mobile opportunities, and give CMOs the know-how [...] Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2012-07-03 at 10.37.24 AM

On June 21, 2012, the 1st Annual Moxie Awards were held at Park West in Chicago, an event that celebrated Chicago’s growing status as a center for innovation and growth in the digital world. Leapfrog Online was on-hand as well—our own SVP of Technology and Operations, Joel Grossman, presented the event’s headline award for Breakthrough [...] Continue Reading

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