While plenty of agencies talk a good game about being focused on results, we’ve built our entire business around it. At Leapfrog Online, our clients actually pay us based on the revenue we generate for them. This means we are laser-focused on marketing opportunities that drive the right results and scale for our clients. It also means that it’s not good enough for us to build buzz-worthy creative or smart marketing programs alone.

It’s not about innovation for innovation’s sake. And most of all, it’s not about earning a bonus or expecting a hold back if our programs don’t produce results.

Unlike other firms, we take on the financial risk for our clients by investing to make sure that our strategies, tactics and insights align and evolve to deliver meaningful, quantifiable bottom-line results. We succeed together; it’s that simple. Our model guarantees alignment between our business and our brands. It’s an approach that has helped us to attract and retain the leading brands in every industry we serve. Leading brands in Automotive, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Education, Home Services and Consumer Packaged Goods rely on Leapfrog Online to grow their digital market share. Check out a sampling of our clients below: