Leapfrog Online implements digital marketing programs that can be tracked from initial media impression all the way to sale. This closes the loop on your marketing efforts and proves ROI at every step of the process. We make sure our actions have a measurable impact on the bottom line. After all, we only get paid when our clients get the right results.

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As we discussed previously, many different marketing methods now compete for consumer attention. As a result, marketers today often choose to cast the net wide, investing to spread the brand reach far and wide across digital channels, without truly considering which channels to use when—and how.  This approach can backfire, however, resulting in plenty of [...] Continue Reading

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Recently, Business Insider’s Henry Blodget released a slideshow detailing the current state of internet business and trends. While some stats may not surprise you—2 billion people are online, digital advertising is making big gains, one-seventh of the world population is on Facebook—others are worth a look. Among the more telling figures: • Smartphone sales have [...] Continue Reading


A recent survey from LinkedIn asked over 7,000 professionals from around the world which office supplies and trends will be non-existent in the next 5 years, as well as what items will become much more common. You can probably guess many of the soon-to-be extinct items: tape recorders, fax machines, the Rolodex. In fact, you [...] Continue Reading

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