Mobile Marketing Data and Insights from eMarketer and Noah Elkin

Noah Elkin, Principal Analyst at eMarketer, has been busy travelling the country to meet with top mobile marketers. His mission? To share fresh eMarketer data and insights into the quickly evolving work of mobile marketing and consumer behaviors. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Noah and have a one-on-one discussion about the state of mobile.

Though we’ve been tracking mobile’s big year so far and advocating the importance of having a clear strategy to focus on mobile marketing, the mobile data Noah Elkin presented held some impressing surprises.

Mobile Data Revelations
Among the more interesting statistics, a recent PriceGrabber survey found that 45% of those surveyed plan to use a combination of online, brick-and-mortar and mobile shopping methods in 2012, pointing to the modern shift in path to purchase.

Reinforcing this new path to purchase is the consumer desire for multichannel consistency. In a study from the e-tailing group and MyBuys, 80% of those surveyed said knowledge of products sold should be consistent from store to web to mobile, and 72% expect to be able to look up product availability at stores locally before making a visit to the store. This is also consistent with eMarketer data about smartphone users—66% are considered mobile shoppers, whereas 35% are considered mobile buyers.


As Noah noted, “Mobile changes the path to purchase from a set of sequential activities to activities performed concurrently.” No matter how you slice it, this alteration in the way consumers purchase products means mobile is a must for an optimized customer experience in 2012, leading to more revenue from mobile marketing.

Is your customer experience ready for the mobile consumer?