Musts for Mobile Marketing in 2012

The mobile space is hot. Consumers are adopting smartphones at an unprecedented pace. New lower cost phones are increasing adoption across a broad spectrum of consumers. Sound familiar? It would be pretty hard to miss these industry headlines, but what do you do about it? Where should you put your advertising spend? How do you make the most of the space?

These are some of the questions I hope I answered for the audience at SES Chicago as a panel member in the Smart Mobile Marketing session. It is not as hard as you think to get started. You can have a pretty sophisticated strategy, but you can also enter the space with some solid, basic best practices and then build from there.

A few thoughts to keep in mind as you consider what you MUST, SHOULD and COULD do to take advantage of this important media space:

To launch a Mobile Campaign you must:

  • Understand why your target consumer will be looking for you in mobile
  • Build dedicated mobile campaigns vs. checking the box
  • Create mobile landing page
  • Develop call tracking strategies

To get the most from the campaign you should:

  • Build a tight keyword list
  • Focus on Click through Rate to drive Quality Score
  • Capture consumer intent that drives your objectives – and discourage behaviors that do not

To get the most out of mobile you could:

  • Test, test, test
  • Build a full mobile buy-flow
  • Develop Call handling strategy

In summary:
Start Now. Managing mobile campaigns well can be time consuming, but it is easy to get a basic campaign in the market. Make sure you track and optimize for mobile as a unique medium and importantly recognize that as the landscape and consumer behaviors are changing rapidly, you must be ready to change with them. Doing these things will undoubtedly lead to success in driving sales with mobile marketing.