Our Expertise

The digital experts at Leapfrog Online partner with some of the world’s largest companies to grow their business. Read on to learn more about our formula for digital success.

Leapfrog Online implements digital marketing programs that manage a consumer from initial media impression all the way to sale. By identifying who the customer is, what they want and how they want to respond, Leapfrog Online is able to deliver a personalized experience to that customer. This approach lifts conversion and allows us to align marketing investments toward specific customer segments. Beyond closing the loop, this ensures we deliver the right ROI at every step of the process. and make a measurable impact on your bottom line. After all, we only get paid when our clients get the right results.

The larger your data set grows, the more complex it becomes to manage. With measurements regarding Web analytics, key performance indicators, social data and sales, the list can be endless and overwhelming. And while plenty of companies talk about the importance of big data today, few know how to successfully leverage it to drive results.At Leapfrog Online, it’s not just about our collection and analysis of data that matters to your business; it’s about our application to drive results. First, we collect and analyze the data that really matters to your sales and marketing efforts. Then we continuously identify trends that no one else can because we take ownership of purchase path data capture and insights — from click to purchase to repeat business. Ongoing, we implement real, on-demand activities based on these trends and insights. Our methodology and results enable our clients to go beyond checking the “big data” box by acting on it to deliver real business impact.

Our clients know their customers and what they want to sell to them. But many marketers need help navigating the rapidly changing digital world. Leapfrog Online helps leading brands rediscover and reconnect with the digital customer through a proprietary technology platform and proven optimization techniques. Our team of industry experts works hard to understand your target customers—what they want and how they want to get it. We then build the optimal consumer experience – from initial media impression all the way to purchase – to ensure that we attract and engage the right buyers every time.Regardless of whether your buyers ultimately purchase online, through call centers, or even in retail stores, we’re tracking the total process to constantly collect data and insights from each step in the consumer research and purchase process. We know better than anyone how to optimize these experiences through real-time, data-driven marketing strategies that drive profitable results for our clients.

Customers don’t ask for permission to change the game; they just do it. And in the digital arena, it’s happening at lightning speed. In an environment where disruption has become the norm, companies need to stay ahead of the curve. Leapfrog Online helps reach and communicate with your best customers in the places they live and interact, be it via their computer, phone, smartphone, tablet or whatever comes next.We know how to keep customers engaged with brands for the long term by ensuring our clients are on trend and on target. It’s been our core focus since we began, and it’s what keeps us driving real results for leading brands every day.