The Best B2B Companies Get 230% More Leads From Social Media Than Peers

Digital marketing should do more than simply extend brand reach, and the top B2B companies are proving how powerful digital can be when done correctly.

Aberdeen Group, a firm that analyzes the social marketing initiatives of top B2B companies, recently found that the best B2B companies generate an average of 17% of their leads from social media, which is about 230% more marketing-generated leads than other companies (5%). The “Best-in-Class” companies are defined as the top 20% of aggregate performers, based on annual revenue growth, marketing leads resulting in closed business, annual customer retention rate, and sales-forecasted pipeline generated by marketing.

84% of all B2B companies surveyed are using social marketing in some manner, but it’s clear the top companies are leveraging their initiatives for superior results. Getting great results from digital marketing takes more than simply creating a social media campaign and hoping for the best—it takes a truly optimized solution that’s measureable in hard metrics, tying social media and other digital efforts to sales. Smart agencies know how to make digital marketing work hard for their clients, and the top B2B companies are seeing the results of digital campaigns that boost ROI.

Customers of our own B2B sites are taking advantage of social marketing in three key ways. First, we’re seeing small businesses leverage the “share” feature when visiting the landing pages of our top brands. Why? Because primed buyers are researching, reading, and learning from our sites, then emailing the critical information—even specific product details, promotions, and pricing—to themselves for more careful review and, more importantly, action at a later time. Second, they are perusing social channels like Facebook and Twitter for fellow SMB reviews/inputs on the business products they are considering. Finally, these same “customers” are relying heavily on the same social channels to cultivate a following of their own customers, and to promote the right deals at the right time to the right buyers. They recognize the value of sharing information through social networks, both when it comes to making their own purchases and motivating their consumers to do the same.

How are you using social media campaigns to generate quality leads?