The larger your data set grows, the more complex it becomes to manage. With measurements regarding Web analytics, key performance indicators, social data and sales, the list can be endless and overwhelming. And while plenty talk about the importance of big data today, few know how to leverage it right now.

At Leapfrog Online, it’s not just about our collection and analysis of the data that matters to your business; it’s about making it work to better your results. By collecting and analyzing the data that really matters to your sales and marketing efforts, we continuously identify trends that no one else can because we analyze the entire process from click, to purchase, to repeat business. And then, we implement real, on-demand activities based on these trends and insights. Our approach and results enable our clients to go beyond checking the box on collecting big data by acting on it to deliver real business impact.

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Leapfrog Online Vice President of Media and Analytics Helene Rosenblum lent her expertise for this week’s Crain’s Chicago Business Focus section, Smarter marketing via big (and small) data. The article offers brands a five-step guide to harnessing data that already exists within an organization, and notes that by using data in smart, strategic ways, organizations [...] Continue Reading


We believe that understanding the customer experience is a major component of driving sales with mobile marketing—or digital marketing in general, for that matter—but it’s important to inform marketing strategy through hard facts about customer preference, not simply hunches or gut feelings. Marketers are increasingly concerned with being “customer obsessed,” which is exciting as both [...] Continue Reading


A new Oracle survey finds that although “the age of Big Data is upon us,” 9 out of 10 executives feel that they are losing revenue due to inefficiencies in maximizing the value of Big Data. Additionally, 6 in 10 respondents feel their organizations are unprepared to handle the load of data being collected. According [...] Continue Reading

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