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Leapfrog Online keeps our clients ahead of the curve with unparalleled expertise in mobile marketing. Innovating our closed loop model and multi-channel solutions to this emerging space has driven industry-leading results for our clients. As members of the Mobile Marketing Association’s advisory committee we are committed to building the future of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Case Studies

Time Warner: A recent Google case study highlights the value we brought to Time Warner’s bottom line through targeted mobile marketing. Enter the following information and the case study will be sent to you via email.

Google: The Importance of Being Mobile Now. Click here to download a PDF of the case study.

Mobile Marketing Blog Posts


Leapfrog Marketing Institute is a virtual institute focused on providing senior level marketers with insights on how to raise the effectiveness of digital marketing to grow their business, with a specific focus on mobile marketing and digital commerce. The Institute is powered by Leapfrog Online, one of largest digital marketing companies in the US. “The nurturing of thought leadership and commentary around digital commerce marketing is a natural outgrowth of our own commitment to our Clients and the industry,” says Jason Wadler, executive vice president of Leapfrog Online, “We are dedicated to creating and implementing best practices to directly grow our Clients’ business and maximize their marketing ROI. Continue Reading

Leapfrog Online Vice President of Media and Analytics Helene Rosenblum lent her expertise for this week’s Crain’s Chicago Business Focus section, Smarter marketing via big (and small) data. The article offers brands a five-step guide to harnessing data that already exists within an organization, and notes that by using data in smart, strategic ways, organizations [...] Continue Reading

Leapfrog Online Vice President Tim Ossmo shares his insights on Google Adwords’ Enhanced Campaigns this week as part of Google’s Hangout on Air, a series of live sessions with digital agency leaders on its new ad system. The Hangout on Air, the second in a series of three live sessions on the topic of Enhanced [...] Continue Reading

google plus yahoo love

When two rivals team up to tackle the mobile ad space brands and advertisers win. The recent announcement that Google will display ads on various Yahoo! properties and certain co-branded sites using Google’s AdSense for Content and Google’s AdMob services is creating a stir in the digital marketing community. Helene Rosenblum, GVP of Media and [...] Continue Reading

Mobile Shoppers

The recent enhancements to Google AdWords underscore a dramatic shift to capture mobile customers during the purchase decision process. Interactive advertising industry publication Adotas tapped Leapfrog Online EVP Cass Baker to put Google’s enhancements in context. Baker notes, “Google’s decision validates the explosive growth that we’re seeing in mobile as a search and sales channel. [...] Continue Reading

Lenovo Horizon Table PC

At CES in Las Vegas, Lenovo introduced the Horizon Table PC, a 27-inch concept computer that blends multi-user functionality with touch screen capability. The concept computer is the latest in the hybrid device trend, similar to the recent Sony Vaio Tap 20, that seeks to take the in-demand experience of mobile, particularly tablets, and blend [...] Continue Reading

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