Fast Track For Lead Generation

Incisive analytics, UX best practices and customized content yield a substantial increase in leads for a major health care insurance company.


  • Segmented data insights incorporated to optimize the consumer landing page experience.
  • Regulatory rules identified upfront, allowing content to be "pre-approved" for compliance.
  • The LFX Conversion Platform™ provided increased speed-to-market in testing and real-time views of performance.


Connected Data

Performance Media


Health Insurance

Speed To Market

Open enrollment periods provide a narrow window for insurers to acquire new policyholders. Just two months prior to the next enrollment period, a major health care insurer selected Leapfrog as their digital partner. The insurer's past efforts had been frustrated by limited testing opportunities, lack of effective personalization and challenges associated with compliance review.

Implementation began immediately with an extensive dive into existing data. Utilizing the proprietary LFX Conversion Platform™, the Leapfrog team integrated information from six different client data sources – defining operational requirements, assessing past results and developing strategies to improve performance.

Enhanced User Experience

Quickly identified: the opportunity to speak to prospect segments more personally. Content and publishing workflow was defined, with focus on managing for both speed and scale. Using UX best practices, a new website template was designed featuring stronger visuals, linearized content and enhanced messaging. A key enhancement: a responsive layout with a mobile optimized lead form, including click-to-call functionality. 

As with all regulated industries, content needed to be reviewed for compliance. Leapfrog's solution was to create components – headlines, positioning, snippets, offers – later assembled into a myriad of landing pages. All were developed in time for advance compliance approval.

Continuous Optimization

Testing was built into the programs foundation including personalization, A/B and multi-variant testing. With a pulse on analytics throughout the open enrollment period – greatly assisted by Leapfrog's visualization tools and dashboard – conversion optimization was continuous.

A greatly enhanced customer experience yielded an immediate uptick in response, as well as critical insights into prospect behavior.


landing page experiences created and optimized


higher conversion compared to control


increase in lead submission with new form design


Quality control exceeded, all on-time and on-budget

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