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The path to delivering new customers and revenue has become increasingly more complex. That’s why Leapfrog’s LFX Conversion Platform™ offers the most flexible, fully integrated marketing system that accepts cross-channel data sets for real time, actionable analysis.

Through this proprietary technology, we are able to unlock conversion intelligence that is hidden in disparate data sets — allowing us to make recommendations on your true consumer journey; how, when and where they exercise their decision-making power and most importantly, how we can capture, replicate and deliver those paths to purchase on a continual, consistent basis.

We've productized conversion optimization without making any two solutions alike.

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  • Data Audit & Mapping
  • Opportunity & GAP Analysis
  • Integrated Data Visualization
  • Integrated Data Validation
  • Track & Profile Visitors, Leads
    & Prospects

Progress from fragmented data to a fully integrated consumer journey to unlock embedded marketing intelligence – and always optimizing within the realities of your current systems and marketing technology constraints.

  • Awareness - Video, Audio, OTT
  • Consideration - Display, Social, Contextual
  • Conversion - Programmatic, Remarketing, SEM

Move from channel-focused to consumer-centric targeting strategies designed to drive prospects to engage with your brand how, where, when and as often as they want to.

  • Marketing Performance Insights
  • Real-time Propensity Prediction
  • Media Mix Modeling
  • If/Then Scenario Planning & Forecasting
  • Attribution Analysis

Analyze performance and consumer behavior to plan and predict, transforming “what,” “why” and “what’s next” insights into actions that drive continuous optimization.

  • Testing & Personalization
  • Segment/Product/Geo
  • AB/MVT Testing
  • Rules Based Targeting
  • Machine Learning
  • Online to Offline Optimization
  • Speed & Scale
  • Regulatory Compliance

Leverage marketing intelligence to create more targeted, relevant and personalized experiences to move consumers beyond engaging with your brand to compelling them to purchase.

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