The Way We Work

Meeting you where you are

As partners, our objective is to deliver relevant, high-impact approaches that are tailor-fit to your needs. That’s why we start our process by understanding your long- and short-term goals, organizational and operational realities and business priorities before submitting a single recommendation.

First, we understand your marketing challenges


Whether you need an overall assessment or know exactly where you need help, we dive deep into your digital ecosystem to understand your business objectives, where you are today and how we can identify a clear path for optimization in the future.

Second, we form a plan to increase performance


With a clear understanding of opportunity areas, we develop a high-touch plan that aligns business goals with outcomes to deliver performance improvements for both your long- and short-term priorities.

Third, we execute and optimize without disrupting your business


In every engagement, our goal is to deliver disruptive results without disrupting your business. So whether you are looking for a turnkey solution with media planning, experience optimization and marketing insights or a more modular approach that can plug-in with existing systems, platforms and agencies - the LFX Conversion Platform™ is fully integrated and flexible, allowing us to engage wherever we are needed.


Following implementation, our team of marketing strategists and data scientists mine data to find high value consumer insights that drive performance optimizations on a rigorous, real-time basis. With transparency as the foundation of our success - we empower you and your team with direct access to the Insights Portal™ Performance Dashboards where relevant, resonant data is available at the ready.


With access to high-impact consumer insights and priorities, we put consumer intelligence into immediate use, driving performance and generating meaningful ROI on a regular, recurring basis.

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